Time for some polite hellos.

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I dunno how else to say this except to be blunt. I’m tired to hell of bickering, fights, petty snappishness, and other general unpleasantness in the comic comments. I don’t draw this comic to read people bitching at each other, and I am tired tired TIRED of intermittent drama storms on my website.

On the Lannister scale I’ve been a Tommen about the comments up to this point, occasionally and grudgingly escalating to a Jaime when called to do so. I’m going to scale up to a Joffrey and just start deleteing incendiary bitchy or otherwise “Dave Doesn’t Want To Read This” comments.

↓ Transcript
The Lannister Scale of Website Management:

Tommen: Hands-off, don't do much.
Jaime: Precision Strike on domain-threatening targets on an as-needed basis
Joffrey: Moderate everything that causes dislike.
Cersei: Full manual approval needed for all comments, nobody may speak without review.