Selkie is focused on the life and times of a newly formed adoptive family in (fictitious) Calumet City, Wisconsin. But as with any other family, they have a wide reaching number of relatives, friends, supporters, and miscellaneous others. Below are the various people that populate the story and world of Selkie.

Todd Smith is an architect with the firm of Fairweather and Mayflower. He has recently decided to pursue fatherhood through adoption.

Fun Fact: Todd once fell off a treadmill when he started head banging to his MP3 player. He has since switched his playlist to instrumentals.

Lillian Haversham-Zhang is one of the Municipal Orphanage’s caretakers, and adoptive parent liaisons.

Fun Fact: While working toward her social services degree, a young Lillian Haversham worked as a server in a finnish/japanese fusion teahouse/sauna.

Marilyn “Mary” Ellen is a caretaker and adoption liaison at the Calumet City Municipal Orphanage.

Fun Fact: Mary loves horror novels, the more macabre the better. She also loves describing the more horrific scenes in a sunshiney voice.

Selkie is an orphaned girl Her favorite spot is the beanbag chair by the bookshelf.

Fun Fact: Selkie learned how to play poker from one of the other children. She’s not half bad.

George (or “Georgie”) is a daydreamer with an active imagination. His mind is always wandering somewhere, anywhere, and everywhere.

Fun Fact: George is the most prolific cartoon watcher in the orphanage. His favorite is Cyber Samurai Cow Squad.

Amanda is a headstrong little girl with a strong sense of determination. She tends to stick with a small number of close friends.

Fun Fact: Amanda abhors carrots. Seriously. Never feed this girl carrots. She will throw them at you.

Tony is a clever kid with a penchant for trickery. He is bilingual in English and French, but prefers to speak French since it confuses people.

Fun Fact: Tony shaves his head to mimic his favorite rap and hip hop artists. The caretakers hope he will grow out of it.

Ricky is a wild and energetic kid, and takes any excuse to run everywhere.

Fun Fact: Ricky’s love for football is only matched by his love for Red Rover, or anything else that involves charging at people.

Heather has a love of sports and athletics, mostly soccer and softball.

Fun Fact: Heather never wears dresses. It’s too hard to run and kick in those things.

Keisha loves climbing on jungle gyms and trees and exploring the outdoors. She sometimes gets in trouble for drawing on rocks and turtle shells.

Fun Fact: Keisha wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. The fun kind who dance to jazz and rock music, not the kind with the really boring old music.

Moonsong has a fascination with werewolves and vampires and the supernatural. He is potentially the youngest “goth/emo” in the city.

Fun Fact: If you can catch him unawares, sometimes Moonsong can be found humming country songs.

Sandy combines the best qualities of a compassionate friend and a perpetual motion engine fueled by gummi bears, chocolate bars, and high fructose corn syrup.

Fun Fact: Sandy’s favorite animals are bees. Bzz bzz sugar bzzz.

Wu is a down-to-earth and practical kid. He is the kind of kid that prefers real-world fiction to sci-fi.

Fun Fact: Wu likes experimenting in the kitchens. After all, someone has to find out what happens when a pot of flour and water is microwaved for 10 minutes.

Hamud is a new arrival at the orphanage. He likes video games and unstructured “sandbox” style play.

Fun Fact: Hamud prefers fruit-flavored candies to chocolate ones, especially gummies.

Theopolis “Theo” Smith is a restaurant manager, and adoptive father to Todd Marta and Antoine Smith. He enjoys jazz music and The X-Files.

Fun Fact: Theo swears he once saw a flying saucer streak through the sky on a camping trip as a teenager.

Marigold Smith is a former housewife and current part-time secretary. She enjoys theater, and is often caught singing to herself.

Fun Fact: Marigold once tried out for a part in a local rendition of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. She was a magnificent Mrs. Potiphar.

Marta Smith is the second child of the Smith family. She is a recent college graduate, currently working as an automotive engineer in Michigan.

Fun Fact: Marta had a “goth phase” during high school and part of college. It is long since passed, but she still listens to atmospheric trance and club music now and then.

Antoine Smith is the youngest of the Smith children. He is currently a college freshmen and has yet to declare a major.

Fun Fact: Antoine was a member of the Jr. Economics club in high school for about two weeks. He switched to a Community Service club after that.

Andrea “Andi” McClellan is Todd’s ex-girlfriend. She is a tattoo artist and freelance illustrator.

Fun Fact: Andi believes in tattoos that have MEANING, and hates “stock tattoos”. She has an ongoing project to have a graphic narrative of The Epic of Gilgamesh inked across her back.