Todd has as many questions as the rest of us, he’s just been trying to handle it delicately and restrain his curiosity.

Oh, and there also seems to be a bit of a breaking and entering situation here…

– – – – –

I bought Little Big Planet 2 the other day, and I decided to give my sackperson a makeover. There is now a Little Big Selkie out there playing people’s levels. 😀

I don’t have the equipment to record off of my TV so this is with my handheld camera (regular digital photo camera, not a video camera), and I was holding it the wrong way for a bit in the beginning. XD

Oh, and thank you everyone for your support and ideas for my 100 sculptures assignment. I’ve been working on it pretty much every waking moment since Thursday, so needless to say I am very VERY happy I work on the comic in advance instead of day-to-day like so many others. I am at 70 of the 100 sculptures! 😀

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.