To be fair, “periwinkle” is a prettier color than “indeterminate blueish-greyish”.

– – – – –

Oh man, new semester started this week, and things are off with a BANG! I am taking a Three Dimensional Design course this semester, and the first assignment the teacher gives? “Make one hundred sculptures. Have them ready next week. No guidance, no advice, no suggestions. One hundred sculptures. Due next Wednesday.”

This assignment smells like a Cull the Herd effort to me. Who will rise to the challenge, who will rage quit and drop the course? Bring it on! Next week I will share a picture with you all of the one hundred sculptures I will make! Yar! One Hundred!

Swinging tangents a bit, I found out the new Decemberists album came out earlier this week and I missed the announcement. I plan to snag that today! The Decemberists are one of my favorite bands, if not THE favorite, and I dig the new folksy/roots direction of the new release.

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.