Up until now, with the exception of Todd we’ve only seen Selkie interact with people who were already accustomed to her (the kids and caretakers at the orphanage). Even Todd was a little weirded out when he first saw her. The reactions of the general populace to Selkie is something I have been eager to explore for awhile now, I am quite glad to have reached this point of the story.

I know some of you were wondering about the end results of Selkie’s Dress Up Montage in the previous strip, and I don’t wanna call your collective bluffs on the pitchforks and torches (Angry Mob casts Fire Wall! Critical Hit! It’s Super Effective! Dave has fainted…). So, the canvas tote bag Selkie is hugging contains the newsgirl outfit, the pajamas (note the bear paws sticking out), the triceratops dress, and (of course) the green butterfly dress she came in with.

Believe it or not, the dress up montage contained a secret agenda of my own: over the last few months I have grown to really dislike the way I drew Selkie’s pink skull and green butterfly dresses. The designs themselves were cute, but the way I drew the dresses they looked more like shapeless nightgowns than little girl’s dresses. I held back the urge to redesign them due to continuity concerns, but now that they are “out of sight out of mind” I can make them look a bit nicer. And I definitely think Selkie needs more “t-shirt and jean” combos like the newsgirl outfit, so we’ll have to see what her closet looks like in a few months. ^^

Those of you who attend the site’s new Forum may have already seen this, but Cee posted an adorable Fan Art on the Forum that I wanted to share with everyone:

Thank you for the cute-splosion Cee!

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.