I picked up Saints Row 4 on the Steam holiday sale and love the craziness. I also love the character creator…

President Selkie in 2016 ya’ll.

This strip finishes the Big Ol’ Infodump story line. We’ll see the De’Madieas again later, they’re not one-time occurences. But for now, there’s other sotrylines to return to.

Speaking of the next story line, just a short heads-up. For the last couple arcs I’ve gone right from one arc to the next. It’s been awhile since I did between-arc shorts or side strips. Well this week I am going back to them. There will be a short (aiming for two or three depending on how dialogue tweaks work out) check-in on a character who is important in the larger narrative, but has not had much screen time in the last few storylines. Just a quick “how are you doing?” before Selkie goes back to school in the next arc. :3

There's some pretty big continuity errors here that I didn't catch in time to fix (or if I did go back to fix them it would delay the comic to the point of a skipped update). Lets make a Where's Waldo game of it instead.