The previous strip evoked a lot of discussion on the what where and how of Selkie’s origin and the reactions of people to her “not-human” status that I found interesting. I must admit, it’s fascinating reading everyone’s ideas and speculations about Selkie. I’ve been more and more eager to get to this “citizenship form” mini-reveal for a while now, and I’m very keen to see where this takes everyone.

Additionally, I had a technical question for everyone. It’s been brought to my attention that the Secret Director Commentary alt-text is difficult to read for some people because it does not stay active long enough. I use Firefox 4, and for me the alt-text on an image remains up for as long as I keep the cursor perfectly still (which for me means taking my hand of the mouse). Does alt-text have a time-limit on other browsers? What does everyone think? Should I try to keep the alt-text short and sweet in the future?

Also, I accidentally typed the strip’s dialogue in Times New Roman instead of Lucida Sans without noticing my error (Typography 101: Pay attention to font! >_<). This may work out though, because TNR is a smaller font so I can fit more wordy dialogue into the comic (like Grandma's reading-out-loud). But because it's a smaller font I think it's also a bit more difficult to read. I'd love feedback on the font, if any.