First comic of winter break! I don’t have grades yet, but I feel pretty confident about this semester. Thanks again for your understanding, everyone, when I had to shelve the comic for a bit the last couple weeks.

I’ll probably announce this again on Thursday, but I will be doing a bonus Sketch Saturday this week with a Christmas drawing. 😀

I also have a piece of fan-art to share. Lekadema sent me this two WEEKS ago after I posted the sketch of Selkie’s mom, and I am afraid I got a bit slack-y about sharing it.

Sorry for the delay in posting this Lekadema. Thanks again!

↓ Transcript
My original exit line for Andi was going to be "You know Selkie's eventually leave for the ocean, right?" The whole scene was originally a lot angrier and more bitter on both sides, but after actually sitting down to work on it, it became more... "world crashing around you" -y, and I feel that original line is a bit too snipe-y for what Andi's feeling right now.