First comic of winter break! I don’t have grades yet, but I feel pretty confident about this semester. Thanks again for your understanding, everyone, when I had to shelve the comic for a bit the last couple weeks.

I’ll probably announce this again on Thursday, but I will be doing a bonus Sketch Saturday this week with a Christmas drawing. 😀

I also have a piece of fan-art to share. Lekadema sent me this two WEEKS ago after I posted the sketch of Selkie’s mom, and I am afraid I got a bit slack-y about sharing it.

Sorry for the delay in posting this Lekadema. Thanks again!

My original exit line for Andi was going to be "You know Selkie's eventually leave for the ocean, right?" The whole scene was originally a lot angrier and more bitter on both sides, but after actually sitting down to work on it, it became more... "world crashing around you" -y, and I feel that original line is a bit too snipe-y for what Andi's feeling right now.