And we’re back to the classroom!

I got a couple things to share. First, I received a lovely piece of fanart from Deviant Artist Colanah the other day that I wish to share:

Thanks Colanah!

I also have a small bonus sketch to share. Thought about saving this for a Sketch Saturday, but decided not to since this Saturday is already slotted for a Christmas sketch. (By the way, come back on Saturday for a Christmas-themed sketch day. :D)

Back story on this sketch is that I started playing League of Legends based on a reader’s recommendation last August, and have been in love with the game since then. We were talking about which champions he thinks Selkie characters would play, and he told me he sees Selkie as playing Heimerdinger (For those who don’t know, Heimerdinger is basically a goofy mad scientist with a huuuuuge puffy hairdo.) So, I sketched a Selkie/Heimerdinger cosplay.

See you Saturday, and if you celebrate it, have a great Christmas. 😀

More experimentation with the backgrounds. Stating to think using vector lines all this time was a bit of a crutch. :(