I am sorry to do this again gang, but studying for finals and finishing touches on studio projects had to be my focus this week. But I know some of you wanted to see Selkie bite the shirt thief, so I thought it would make a fun sketch idea.

I also like the occasional 4th-wall joke, so here is the process by which child actress Paula Winters prepares for a day on the set as Selkie Smith:

1. Paula arrives ready for a day on set!

2. Paula’s hair is tied back and her ears and nose stuck back with tape. A “Selkie-Blue” latex headwrap is placed on her head.

3. Makeup is applied to blend in the latex wrap.

4. A Latex Selkie Nose is applied with spirit gum, and more makeup is applied to blend.

5. Paula’s eyes are darkened with a water-soluble non-irritating coloring spray. Green cat’s-eye contacts are applied.

6. Tooth caps are applied to create Selkie’s fangs.

7. A Selkie Wig is chosen and attached with more spirit gum.

8. Paula Winters has been transformed into Selkie Smith!

Next time: Character actress Ellen Hopswith discusses the challenges of portraying Andi McClellan, Lillian Haversham-Zhang, and Barbara Fairweather.

I am keeping the identity of the shirt thief a secret, because I'm mean.