I am sorry about the half-comic again gang. Afraid I just had a lot going on with schoolwork and other miscellanea this weekend.

On the subject of my schoolwork, I am afraid I must make a sad announcement. I have three projects that still need a lot of work to be ready for finals week, and this week is my last week to work on them. I’ve decided that I will need to dedicate my usual comic-making time to these projects. So, I won’t be doing a Thursday comic this week.


I still want to have something posted on Thursday, so I will do a sketch/doodle day on Thursday instead of the normal update. And I’d like to offer you guys the option to decide what I draw for that. If you have any suggestions/requests/demands, drop a comment and I will choose the one I like best for the Thursday sketch.

I apologize for canceling the second comic of the week on you guys, hopefully it will never have to happen again.

If Todd's face rash seemed MIA in the last strip, I sort of flubbed my continuity check on that one. Thanks to Luna_et_Noctis for catching my error, it has since been fixed.