So, I decided to draw a sketch of Selkie’s mom for the skip day. A couple people requested it, but mostly I chose it because it reminded me of something else.

See, way back in August when I began this back-to-school story arc, I opened it with a dream sequence. I also decided at the last minute to cut out the third act of the dream sequence. The third act of the dream sequence featured Selkie’s mom pulling a dues ex machina to save her from the bullying centaur ballerinas (makes sense in context XD).

I decided to cut out the third act partially because the dream sequence was running longer than I thought it would, but mostly (and more importantly) because it brought up the question of Selkie’s mom and Selkie’s feelings towards her, but those issues were not in my plan to be addressed during this story arc. I decided to address that part of Selkie’s backstory at a more relevant time and shorten the dream sequence.

However, I’ve always loved that drawing of Selkie’s mom standing tall enough to breach the atmosphere, so in addition to a sketch of Selkie’s mom that shows some details of her look, here is also a deleted scene from the dream sequence. 😀

Regular comic will air on Monday! Thanks again for understanding everyone.

Just putting something here to have the Transcript box available. All interesting info is in the regular blog. :D Yay pointlessness!