So, let me say first thing, what you are seeing right now is NOT another of my style-change experiments. I assume that’s the first thing people will think upon seeing this. XD

Basically, I lost a lot of my comicing time this week to school and some light socializing. Sorry for the half-finished comic, but I figure it’s a better option than the dreaded “Indefinite Delay”.

Oh, and Andi is missing her left arm because there will be a wall there once I get to finishing the comic and adding backgrounds.

-EDIT- Finished the comic! Thanks for the patience, gang. I’ve also added a Director Commentary now that the strip is finished.

Writing the dialogue for this fight/break-up/argument has been a little difficult for me. Partly because it is derived from real-world experiences, partly because I keep wanting to pepper the dialogue with hard swears and having to go back and re-evaluate it. If I was writing Todd and Andi's dialogue the way I tend to talk in real life when upset, there'd be a LOT of little black bars on the speech bubbles.