He played Laser Tag, and lost.

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AVERY: Remembering that I am also a laymen at these matters myself, my best observation would be that Selkie simply overloaded the device, due to her inexperience.

SELKIE: I'm sorry! I didn't means to!

AVERY: I know. It's okay. You're still learning.

THEN: Ugh. I am going to get REAMED for this from the Cyborg.


SELKIE: Oh, I knows him. He's not a robot, he just has a fakes arm and talks funny.

AMANDA: Why's his arm fake?

SELKIE: He foughts my mom. She BLEW IT UP.

ANDI: I picked a terrible day to have an anxiety problem.

SELKIE: And then she hecked up his neck!

AMANDA: Gross! More!

HEK in the NEK