In which Avery faces down a round of surging unpopularity

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TODD: Okay, Pause. Pause this whole conversation a sec.

ANDI: Oh, thank Christ someone said it.

TODD: Avery, I'm pretty sure SETTING THINGS ON FIRE was a thing we should have bene told about.

ANDI: Eye lasers. EYE LASERS.

AVERY: Miss McClellan, Mister Smith. I promise you both, our first goal here is to make sure the girls focus on safety and control.

AVERY: Also I can tell you without breaking classification, that Selkie did NOT make that fire.

SELKIE (VO): Bullcraps!

AVERY: My cohort simply misjudged the wisdom of telling curious children to play with expensive toys.

THEN (VO): Go to hell, Avery.

When Avery says Selkie didn't make the fire, he just means she didn't actively generate it, a la firebending. She definitely broke the invisibility harness catastrophically.