Good Morning. Please enjoy this post-sunrise update

It’s looking like I’ll need to miss tomorrow’s comic, just got a job at work that requires me being up at 4am tomorrow.

↓ Transcript
THEN: I'd like to get back to more important subjects than broken toys and broken old men.

THEN: If I may, Miss, I'd like to ask you both a few questions.

ANDI: Uhhh... about what?

THEN: Current Events, of course. As my cohort's slideshow demonstrated, sarnothi have used Resonance for a very long time.

THEN: I'd like to learn more about how we are now capable of sharing that gift with our surface friends. Amanda, can you tell me when you first started noticing that?

AMANDA: I... think it was back when that big laser was on TV. It sounded like singing, kind of the same singing as I hear now.

THEN (VO): "Kind of"?

AMANDA: Ugh, yeah, what I hear NOW just makes me want to puke.

SELKIE: Can confirm. I've cleaned it up.

THEN: ...Great.

Discarded text for the last panel that I opted not to go with because it felt clunky: SELKIE: Have you ever seen purple puke, Mister Then? THEN: Yes, yes, we've all tried the fruit at least once.