Happy Saturday

↓ Transcript
AVERY: Hello again. Glad to see you all made it.

AVERY: We're to go directly to the meeting room. Bear in mind that this is a government facility, so if you have need to leave the meeting room you will be required to have a chaperone.

AVERY: We're going down the hall. This way, please.

ANDI: God. This isn't the X-Files place, is it?

AVERY: No, that's the FBI. Also, not real anymore.

AVERY(VO): This building is the center for all operations related to Sarnoth.

TODD: Huh. I kind of thought it was just you and Then handling that.

AVERY: Todd I can tell you, without breaking my own NDAs, that when a foreign sovereignty performs a display of firepower over American air space in full view of the public? It warrants a reprioritizing of personnel distribution.

The X-Files were retired from use after the lizard people took control of the Illuminati and decided to prevent any further investigations into their covert wizard schools.