Just an inner ear thing, nothing to worry about. Honest.

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↓ Transcript
ANDI: Thanks for coming back. What the hell is this about a reaction?!

POHL: Nothing too major.

POHL: Sarnothi have an ability to screech at very high decibel levels. It can cause some problems with the inner ear and the related balance systems in humans.

POHL (VO): Amanda had a bad reaction to some playful screeching between Selkie and I. Hence the discomfort.

POHL (VO): The barrette on her head is a piece of sarnothi tech that helps stabilize such reactions. It's CRITICAL that she keep it on her person until I can confirm a proper recovery.

POHL (VO): This information also needs to stay inside this apartment. It'll look bad if people think sarnothi can inflict destabilizing reactions at-will.

ANDI: So... that's all it was? Some nausea from being screeched at?


*neuralizer flash intensifies*