It’s been a long case study


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↓ Transcript
TODD: Sweetie, do you want to talk about it?

SELKIE: It's not fair. I've beens working REALLY HARD to do the Echo thing. Really DARN hard.

SELKIE: Ands Amanda just... TAKES IT, all easy.

TODD: Sweetie, I don't think anything about what happened to her tonight was "easy".

TODD: And I'm sure it wasn't on purpose either.

SELKIE: ...Maybe.

SELKIE: It's just... I don't want to be pushed around again.

TODD: That's not gonna happen. And it's not what's happening here.

SELKIE: How sure are you? Because I cans points to about three years of data thats says otherwise.

Hold that seat Dad, I have a dissertaion to show you on it. With footnotes.