Sometimes we all need a bit of reassurance

Fanart Update!!

BMR, author and artist of the webcomic Ashface’s Daughter made some SPRITES of Selkie and Amanda for me

Thank you, BMR!

↓ Transcript
TODD: Look, I know you're probably scared. And that's okay.

TODD: But you're my kid, and that's a forever thing.

TODD: But I hope you can understand that, right now, whatever is happening is not anyone trying to take anything from you. Or use it to push you around.

SELKIE: ... I know. I just don't want to... to not be special.

TODD: Selkie Smith, you are eSPECIALly wonderful. Even when you are eSPECIALly difficult.

SELKIE: ... I can'ts even be mad, that's a good burn.

SELKIE: Alright. Lets go back ins there.

"Or eSPECIALly DRAMATIC!" "Who invited Tehk in here?"