Bigger deal than expected

↓ Transcript
AMANDA: ...What kind of ice cream? I like stealing...

POHL: Something sarnothi-friendly I recommended. Auntie Roswell's Neversweet. It's an ice cream made without any sweeteners. Bit of rosemary in this one.

AMANDA (VO): I don't like stealing that much.

AMANDA: So... you're a doctor, right? Do you think bad people are bad forever?

POHL: No, I do not. In fact, one of my friends is a recovering Bad Person.

AMANDA (VO): How did they recover?!

POHL (VO): Work. Working HARD, all the time.

POHL (VO): Putting more good into the world than the bad isn't automatic. Or easy.

POHL (VO): Especially when, sometimes, you didn't know at first how big it was.

I tricked myself, now I wanna go get some whole milk and a bunch of ice and salt and whip the crap out of it.