Wingmom. WingMOM. Benny, you had one job.

↓ Transcript
Todd: Well, sweetie, you had a good time?

Selkie: Yeahs!

Selkie: This visits was a lot ofs fun! Even ifs it did haves less eel-punching.

Todd: I, for one, approve of the lack of eels.

Benny: Grr...

Carrie: I-It's okays, Benny. M-Maybe whens we get home, you c-cans takes real dance lessons?

Carrie: Ke Ban's m-mother has already s-saids yes...

Benny: Mom! Did you wingman me?!

Carrie: I o-only wants happy memories f-fors you.

A side perk to Carrie's "soft-spoken" text style, is I can fit more dialogue in her bubbles.