Getting a bit high-school there, Todd.

↓ Transcript
Todd: So, what did you like best about our visit today?

Selkie: Whats DIDN'TS I like?!

Selkie: I likeds watching the dancings best, I thinks.

Todd: I enjoyed that too.

Selkie: Ands I had a goods talk with Mister Gien.

Todd: That's right. What did you talk about, anyway?

Selkie: I tolds him how I thinks Jin'Sorai shoulds move to the surface, because the others already dids that, ands we don's wants to be lefts behinds.

Todd: Sweetie, I think you accidentally engaged in tribalism.

Selkie: What's tribalism?

Todd: ...I'm not going to know if saying that was a bad idea until your adult years, am I?

If the tribalism joke creates argumentive comments, God help me I WILL turn this comic into a Dragon Ball Z ripoff.