I am so sorry about the rushed and sloppy and generally disgusting comic today gang. I suffered a really big setback this weekend. My desktop computer got a really big virus infection. Pop-up ads kept blaring out every few minutes, and the whole computer got so slow-running that using process-intensive things like Photoshop (which I use for the comic) was almost impossible. Everytime I ran a virus scan and deleted one thing two more came in. Eventually the trojan I got shut off my internet access and the Windows firewalls and I figured out that my antivirus program had been compromised, so I had no internet and no security. I backed up my important files (including the comic stuff, thankfully) and will probably have to reformat.

I tried to finish the comic on my laptop, but drawing on this thing is unpleasant at best. Combined with my school projects and the time it took me to fight a losing battle against the virus, this is all I could do. Sorry guys, you deserve better.

In the next presidential election, I am voting for the candidate that promises a death penalty for virus authors and hackers. No such candidate yet exists that I know of, but the race is young.

P.S., the virus I got was something called XP Internet Security 2012. If you see a Windows Update prompting you to install this thing, DO NOT DO IT, IT IS A LIE. I fell for it’s trickery, don’t make my mistake!

I thought I would try drawing the background regularly since I was pressed for time. It's sloppy and rushed and I freaking hate it. >_<