Here is the first of the Reader Requested Short week. This is a request asking how some of the background kids that were adopted are doing. I thought right away of Mark and Martina, but while looking through the archives I also remembered the polygamous quintet that considered adopting Amanda before a… terse disagreement got them a Disturbing the Peace write-up.

Thursday’s short is a brief visit back to the snobby shoe store C’est la Feet, and I haven’t done a Sketch Day Saturday in a while, so come in on Saturday this week for a silly sketch of Jessie and her girlfriend Alexis.

*I don’t have or know anyone with claustrophobia, so my only resource for it is Wikipedia. Hopefully I’m not TOO off in my thinking that trying to give Martina’s living space a sense of openness and expansiveness would help with her phobia.

At some point years in the past, I conceived of a comic strip idea featuring college-attending housemates. I never got it off the ground but the characters still pop in my head from time to time. I decided to use them for the polygamous quintet. Their names are Tarah (holding the pizzas), Sammy (Doing tai chi in the corner), and Corwynn and Brad have Maven on their laps.