This short revisits the eccentric upscale shoe store C’Est La Feet. Panel 1 gives me nightmares you guys, not even gonna lie.

Don’t forget this week hosts a Sketch Day Saturday, so pop in on Saturday for a bonus sketch.

Also, for those that are in the Springfield, Illinois area, I’d like to extend an invitation. My Senior Art Exhibition will be available for viewing April 30th, and on Thursday May 3rd there will be an opening night reception from 5:30-8pm in the Visual Arts Gallery at the University of Illinois Springfield. I will be using a collection of Selkie comics for my part of the exhibition, so if you wanna see Selkie on a gallery wall and say hello to me, this would be a good time! Mark your calendars!

I almost made Annabeth's dialogue in the last panel the chorus to "All About the Benjamins".