I planted a lot of little clues to this over the strip’s run so far. Some of it may be overly-subtle, some of it seemed so blatant at the time that I thought I had tipped my hand too early.

The strips next week will be one-strip shorts, then after that Selkie and Todd go for a visit to the grandparents to meet her aunt and uncle.

When I prompted for reader-request shorts earlier, unless I missed something, I only saw two requests. One was to see what the background kids from the orphanage are doing with their new families (like Mark, the lost cast member), one was to see more of Selkie’s aunt and uncle. Since she will be meeting them in the next arc though… I have a free slot for Thursday’s strip. I am brainstorming some strange things for next Thursday’s short. 😀

My original plan was to refrain from identifying the child until much MUCH later. After thinking about it more than I care to admit, I decided the information felt appropriate right here.