Two things. First, Fan Art update! Ellie drew me another fanart over the weekend, a Pants drawing just in time for Halloween!!!

Secondly, I wanna talk briefly about reader feedback. Couple strips ago, I decided to try adding some hatching to the thicker portions of the outlines as a shading method, in my usual “throw crap on the wall and see what sticks” style.

I was on the fence about how I liked it as an art style until I read a reader comment mentioning how much better they liked the artwork back when I did the “cel” style of shading.

Something about that comment stuck at me and I had to admit they had a good point. So, dunno how apparent it is in this strip with all the snow obscuring everything but I thought I’d bring the cel shading back and, well… see what sticks to the wall, as I do.

RIP hatching.

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