Carrie and Benny took English names when they moved to the surface, if you wondered. And no, Avery didn’t initiate it.

-EDIT- Apologies, I meant to include this as a reminder link last night and it slipped out of my brain. Here is the beginning of the sequence where Pohl describes how the civil war got started.

↓ Transcript
I had a joke that popped in my head for this strip but chose not to do it since it wasn't really relevant.

Selkie: I cans marries a humans?! This changes everythings...

Todd (grinning jokingly): Hmm? Got your eye on someone, do you?

Selkie (pausing for a moment before answering): ...Yeahs. James Bond.

Avery: Wow. Really?

Selkie (smug/decisive): Hes wills be mines. I'll tames hims.

Todd: Well good luck with that one, hun.