So my girlfriend and I watched a political documentary for date night tonight, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”.

I didn’t care for it, but not because of the subject matter. To be honest I don’t have enough familiarity or knowledge of political history to debate the points the movie brought up, and my take-away from the move’s subject of discussion is that I feel motivated to go research some of Dinesh D’Souza’s points a bit to see what holds water and what’s being misrepresented. It was an extremely biased piece, and I don’t trust it’s objectivity very much at all.

I disliked it for being unrelentingly hyperbolic in style, arm-twistingly manipulative and pandering, and blatantly cartoonish in it’s blunt portrayal. You could have exchanged Republican and Democrat for Autobot and Decepticon and gotten the same level of tactful nuance.

The movie gave me food for thought and some motivation to research and learn, but I also feel like I stepped into somebody’s philosophical echo chamber and got barraged by nonsense.

Anyway, enjoy your Monday Selkie and be kind in the comments section, folks.

I'm sure bringing up the subject of politics will have zero ramifications on my sanity.