Selkie’s never had caviar, roe, ikura, etc; but I would imagine these are also things she would love.

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I don’t really pay much attention to the day each strip will air, so the Fishy Love panel is a serendipitous coincidence. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have a few extra things to add in today. Firstly, I’ve created an Ancillary Art page to catalog the wallpapers and miscellaneous other drawings I post from time to time. If you’re a newer reader and did not catch the wallpapers I posted way back when, now you can! It is on the top menu bar.

Secondly, I did some Valentine’s Day sketches to share today. Felt good to draw the other kids from the orphanage again. Enjoy!

If you don’t recognize the kid stealing Cupid’s bow and arrow, that’s Mark. He only appeared in two panels before getting adopted.

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.