Just one more reminder that I will be at Snafu-Con in Reno Nevada this weekend, sharing Table #32 with the crew from Shards! It’ll be a fun time! 😀

I’d like to make a quick note here about update schedule while I am at the con. As I am a webcomic reader as much as I am a webcomic creator, I hate coming to check my favorite strips only to find random filler. So, my intent is to continue story-progression updates while I am at the con. I don’t anticipate issues with next Monday’s update because I will be back in town with drawing time on Sunday, but I am unsure about Friday’s update being at full-power. I intend to post story-progression on Friday, but it may be at a reduced artwork capacity. Whatever I can get done while sitting in layover in Dallas. XD

Whether selkie isperceived by readers as light-grey or light-blue tends to depend on their monitor settings.