Wowee. Due to my not uploading the comic before leaving for class/work/dinner with friends, the comic almost had it’s first late update! Dodged a bullet there!

For those who have asked about Selkie still wearing her shoes in the last strip, by this point she has taken off her coat and kicked off her shoes. With slightly more force and vehemence than was strictly necessary. XD

Also, for those who wondered about Crook’s reaction to Selkie’s arrival, Crook’s reaction is: To sleep through the whole thing!

We also have another Fan Art update! Firstly, Alyce Black sent me this adorable drawing:

And Mitchelle D’Souza sent me this thank you Fan Art:

Thank you both, I love them!

Oh, also, I discussed in previous commentary posts that I may be doing an anatomy sketch for Selkie’s species. Check with me on Saturday for a sketch update which is most probably that thing!

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.