Hello, and welcome to Chapter 2! 😀 Todd’s apartment (and Selkie’s, now) has been spruced up a bit since we last saw it. I have been working on doing more backgrounds with Chapter 2, seeing as most of Chapter 1 took place in a formless monotone void. XD

Speaking of art improvements, I have something to share with you all. I am always looking for new ideas that may make the comic look better, or allow me to work faster. So, here’s a quick doodle I made to try a non-outlined coloring style. What’cha think?

There is also another Fan Art update today, courtesy of Masterweaver! First is a recreation of Selkie within the video game Spore:

The second piece from Masterweaver is an interesting look at speculations regarding Selkie’s physiology. It contains a little nudity (scientific/clinical nudity, nothing inappropriate) so for workplace safety reasons I am going to link it instead of showing the image directly. I apologize for the paranoia.

The Physiology of Selkie Smith

And lastly, Masterweaver arranged a play-date between Selkie and their own character, Selphie:

Thank you for the Fan Art, Masterweaver. ^^

One final piece of news! Since this is Halloween weekend coming up, it would be a good idea if you all came back on Sunday for a special Halloween bonus drawing. No pressure. 😀 Happy Halloween, everyone!

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.