Not gonna bother tagging them since they’re tertiary background cast members, but the three floating heads, er, kids in panel 2 are Selkie’s classmates: Caitlyn, Paulo, and “Star”.

– – – – –

Quick announcements. Firstly, Selkie’s made it into the first round of March Madness! I’m in the Plastino Division. So excited! Please vote if you wish, I wanna see how long we stay in this thing. 😀

Secondly, I’ve decided to start working more on Selkie merch. I still have the volume 1 print edition on Magcloud, but I’ve also set up a “merch table” on Society6. Currently the S6 page features these two designs available as prints shirts mugs totes clocks and shower curtains:

A Selkie face:

And four variations of an expression of contempt, based on the curse word pictographs:

I also set up these two designs on Cafepress here for those that want some more shopping options, but I intend to focus on the Society6 page primarily. Plus, the S6 page also features two non-Selkie illustrations available as prints. With more to come. 😀

My original concept for the library was a towering array of bookshelves filled to the brim. But I scaled back a bit owing to the strip's semi-realistic approach to things (I don't think public elementary schools have towering bookshelves). Ceiling's still ridiculously high up, though.