Make the punishment fit the crime. Mouth off to your mother, you shovel poop.

– – – – –

There was a whopping large amount of fan art sent to me since the previous strip. I was genuinely surprised. After that last strip I expected death threats, not beautiful gifts. XD

First we have a painting by CS Moore:

Wind Glider brings us a visit to Jurassic Park:

(Selkie’s got guts, I’d be running scared!)

H. Jackson sent me this lovely drawing of an adult Selkie:

Jared Sellers sent me a lovely title header:

And finally, at the eleventh hour I got this adorable portrait by Emery Bracken (I checked my email while scheduling this update, and saw this at the last minute. ^_^):

Thank you, everyone! I love the artwork!

– – – – –

I’ve been reading all of your feedback about the previous strip, and I must say I love how attached everyone is to Selkie. Makes me very happy to see people connecting with the characters so strongly. That being said, I feel like I owe you all some sort of “thank you” for tolerating my manipulative crap this week ^^.

Here though, I have a problem. I want to give all of you something extra with next Monday’s update, but I can not decide what. So, I chose to let The People Decide!

Below you will see a list of options. Leave me a comment or send me an email with the bonus content you would like to have most with Monday’s update. Majority rule will decide! It’s your call!

Options for Bonus Content along with Monday’s regular comic:

1. A comic-related pencil sketch

2. A comic-related wallpaper

3. A preview of an upcoming character from the next chapter

4. Non-Spoiler sneak peek at a future comic (I work on the comic 2 months ahead of what you see on the website, so this may potentially be content from Chapter 2!)

5. Alternate/original dialog and/or rejected/scrapped strips.

6. Pencil sketches I do prior to outlining/coloring

7. A double post, two comics on Monday instead of one.

8. A comic-related puzzle/craft project

It’s your call. I’m amazed every day that people voluntarily read and enjoy my quirky little comic. So, let me know how I can properly thank you all. ^_^

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.