I decided this daydream sequence would be a good opportunity to introduce a format change in how the comic is presented. Everyone, say hello to my good friend: color!

Since the daydream sequence is kick-starting the addition of color to the comic, I retroactively colorized the last panel of the previous comic. Since I did this after-the-fact, you may want to go back and see what the kids look like colorized!

Additionally, I had a small item I wanted to address regarding the wings on Selkie’s dress. I don’t normally like to do anything that discourages speculation/theorizing, but in this regard I felt I should say something. The wings are part of her dress, a pattern on the back. Selkie does not have wings. I wanted to make an “offical statement” on this because Selkie is going to be changing clothes in the near future (I don’t want this to be an “always the same outfit” comic), and when the wings are gone I’d hate for it to seem that they just disappeared.

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.