I’m back. Thank you all for the support and understanding.

↓ Transcript
MARI: Okay, Todd, stop fooling with me What's going on?

TODD: It's tricky, Mom.

TODD: We were just talking about Selkie’s heritage with her “government friends”.

MARI: Oh well THAT makes me feel better. So what’s so “terrible” about it?

TODD: It's... just a lot of info Mom, and I'm kind of parsing out how to deliver it. I can tell you that Selkie and Amanda have had an incredible opportunity come their way, and I'd love to share at least that much with you.

MARI: Todd Marion Beauregard Smith, I will accept that dodge-y answer for now, but I had BETTER get a real one eventually.

TODD: Beauregard?!

MARI: The embarrassing middle names will accrue until the sketchiness abates.

Today's edition of the Secret Commentary is empty, because Dave failed to come up with something for it.