Just work emails kids, nothing major.

↓ Transcript
ANDI: Hey, uh, Todd... You mnd if I check my text messages real quick? I need to "speak to an old client".

TODD: Oh.. yeah, sure. I should probably check for work stuff, too.

ANDI TEXT: What the HELL am I supposed to make of all this?!

TODD TEXT: I know what you mean. I thought this was supposed to be counseling.

ANDI TEXT: right?!1 Like, you should see Amanda's bedroom! THE DUCKING WALLS ARE SCORCHED.

ANDI TEXT: Todd, I think we should put a stop to this. Like, teaching them to not zap people doesn't vibe with also TEACHING THEM TO ZAP PEOPLE.

TODD TEXT: Yeah. I'm struggling, now, not to think that Selkie's mother may have had the correct response.

Panels 1 and 3 are brought to you by the "Dave keeps forgetting to draw purses" campaign.