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SCAR: Am glad to be seeing of enthusiasm, yes? Who wants first shot?

SELKIE: Mister Scar, I can’t DO eye lasers yet.

ANDI: And I don't want Amanda doing it at all!

ANDI: Frankly, I thought there would be more “stop” and less “go” regarding DEATH RAYS.

AMANDA: I mean... if I can do it without the screaming hell-worms...

SCAR: Trust me, hellworms is part of process.

TODD: I have to agree with Amanda's mother. I don't want to encourage weaponizing the girls.

SELKIE: Father, why have you betrayed me?

TODD: Selkie..

SELKIE: I'ms waiting, Judas.

To Amanda the screaming hellworms is the scary part, not the portable WMD.