She doesn’t hide that, either.

↓ Transcript
TODD: So you’re... what? Trying to learn how to make Echo things?

THEN: Yes, and I'm not going to hide that.

THEN (VO): It helps BOTH our people to have more information about the phenomenon.
Especially if it can be learned or spread.

ANDI: Spread? Huh.

ANDI: Speaking of, you holding up okay there, kiddo?


AMANDA: But I do wish I could get rid of this thing.

ANDI: It's not hurting you, is it?

AMANDA: No, it’s just SUPER UGLY.

ANDI: Heh.

SELKIE: You coulds wrap a cloth around it, likes my old one.

AMANDA: ...If I say I like that idea, are you gonna gloat?

SELKIE: You know I will.

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