Tweaked Selkie’s bubble to make the “dark grey vs true black” a bit more apparent. She’s gotten better, but she’s not at full proficiency yet.

Speaking of “not at full proficiency yet”, current phase of my Blender learning project.

↓ Transcript
TODD: Selkie! Your voice changed!

ANDI: I'm glad ONE of us is used to that.

THEN: I'll give the kids credit, they're half right. I DID want to see what their output looked like.

THEN (VO): But I still want to know if you can see anything special.

SELKIE (VO): It' looks just likes a big version of that thing Mom gaves me.

AMANDA (VO): I don't see anything but bright green Literal Hell.

SELKIE: Oh no, wait, there! Do you sees that?

AMANDA: What? ...Oh.

SELKIE (VO): There's something movings in it.

Selkie didn't get the black speech bubbles when she managed to attain fire-eyes previously, but I opted to throw her an "I'm The Main Character Dammit" bone and give her progress a leg-up.