Technically she wasn’t under NDA when she saw that. Just saying.

↓ Transcript
ANDI: Why do I need an NDA to know about my OWN DAUGHTER'S health?

AVERY: Here's what I can tell you.

AVERY (VO): What I've been informed you were told last night, is that Amanda experienced a reaction to sarnothi presence. Our working hypothesis is along those lines. Due to my own NDAs and the sensitivity of the Sarnoth situation, I can't explain further without your signature.

AMANDA: Wait, that WASN'T a fib? SELKIE gave me eye lasers?!

ANDI: Ha ha, eye lasers?! Kiddo, it's a bad time to play pretend, okay?

*Amanda makes another hole in the wall*

AMANDA: ... Eye lasers.

AVERY: I'm afraid I have to insist on the NDA.


Sometimes the balance in a Selkie strip between realism and "It Made Dave Laugh" is precarious and fragile