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AVERY: May I talk to Todd, briefly?

ANDI: You gonna hack my phone, or something?

AVERY: No, that's not my department. We have drama-mongering twenty-somethings for that.

ANDI: ... Speaker phone. Ten seconds. Go.

AVERY: Todd, this is Avery. Call in to work, call your daughter out of school. I need both of you here within the hour.

TODD (VO): What, now? Why?

AVERY: Todd, I am not talking to you as a friend, I'm talking as an overseer. Get dressed. Get caffeinated. Get HERE. NOW.

ANDI: So... Todd's buddies with a Fed?

AVERY: I'm afraid I need something from you before I can answer any questions, Miss McClellan.

ANDI: Oh, God. WHAT?

AVERY: Non-Disclosure Agreement. Welcome to the hell of government paperwork.

In triplicate and in four languages.