That would be Amanda rolling a 1 on her Insight check.

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I’ve changed the dialogue in panels 3 and 4 based on reader feedback on the tonal appropriateness and undesired implications. You all were in the right on that one.

↓ Transcript
JESSIE: I'm sorry, it's just, you ran away so fast, and I WAS gonna go but that felt crappy, and I wanted to make sure things were okay and...

AMANDA: Waaaiiit...

AMANDA: You can't fool me. I know why you're REALLY here.

JESSIE: I'm so sorry.

ANDI: Jess, I--


ANDI (VO): Amanda!!

JESSIE (VO): WHAT?!?! NO! I was on a date with your mom!

ANDI (VO): Jessie!!

SELKIE: Dad, is this goings to be one of those nights where things keep happening, ands it feels like it lasts for three months?

TODD: Always has been.