That ten bucks is gonna buy a lot of gloating

↓ Transcript
POHL: I'm going to propose we table lessons for the evening.

POHL (VO): I need to work out how best to help TWO students, after all.

POHL: Todd, the agents will have questions for me anyway, so how about I handle informing them, and you can focus on Amanda's mother?

TODD: I'd appreciate that, Thank you, Pohl.

POHL: My pleasure. Have a good night.

[POHL fishes out his smartphone]

POHL: Hey. Yeah, it's me. I need to report something, but I want to get the unpleasant part of this conversation over with quick.

POHL (VO): I owe you ten bucks.

THEN: Did I win THE bet? Oh, you haven't even SEEN how unpleasant I'm about to get.

So much gloating