The most delicious conspiracy

↓ Transcript
SELKIE: And... I'm sorry too. For yelling at you when you were scared.

AMANDA: I... I don't know what it is. I hate it.

POHL: You know, I might be able to help BOTH of you by studying this phenomenon.

POHL: With one having too little Resonance flow, and the other having unprecedented flow, you may be each other's answer. Or not. No clue yet.

SELKIE: Wait a sec... is thats my special ice cream?

POHL: Selkie, I am a DOCTOR. Do you have any idea how many people would love it if I took payment in desserts?

TODD: The perfect conspiracy between Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Dairy.

POHL: And Big Herb. This is rosemary.

Take two scoops and call me in the morning