Thanks, Scar.

Live drawing VOD here:

For those who don’t follow Twitch or Twitter, I drew something extra this week. Felt like doing something summery.

↓ Transcript
AMANDA: It's... it's gone. Kinda...

POHL: Well, that's good! You'll need to keep your hand in place there for a few moments, okay?

POHL: I have to confess, I wasn't sure I could replicate the technique on the spot. Glad the study is paying off.

TODD: Study?

POHL: Since Scar made the original suppression device, I've been poking him with questions about it whenever we work together. To try and understand it's workings. I re-created the matrices and relays that power the basic suppression functions, temporarily anchoring them through Amanda's harmonics.

POHL (VO): I meant the study of it to help Selkie improve. Never expected to use it on you! Ha ha.

Well... supercharging successful?