Almost bedtime, but here’s the Monday 3/29/2021 comic. Sorry for the lateness. Lot of stuff went wrong today.

I bought a new house a couple weeks ago and have been getting it prepped for move-in. LOTS OF ROOM FOR THINGS TO GO WRONG. :laughing:

↓ Transcript
TODD: Oh LORD, I know who told you.

ANDI: Look, Todd, I can explain...

TODD: I thought Nathaniel said he’d keep it to himself.

ANDI: The transitioning guy? I mean YEAH. Yep. Good ol’ Songbird Nate.

TODD: Look I’m uh.. gonna take Selkie home.

ANDI: Woah, wait up. Todd, I’m sorry if I did something..

TODD: No, you didn’t. It’s just... The Mina thing was not a decision I’m particularly proud of.

Today's comic was hand-inked instead of digital because it was a DAY. ugh.