↓ Transcript
ANDI: Hey so... I wasn't gonna say anything about "her" yet, but since you know now... can I ask a favor?

TODD: What's up?

ANDI: Well... like I said, I’m not telling kiddo about it yet. So...

ANDI: I was wondering if I could talk
you into a dedicated day of the
week for Amanda to do a stayover?

TODD: Setting up a “Date Night”?

TODD: Alright, but I reserve the right to ask the same favor later.

ANDI: Ha ha, go for it. Maybe try smooching Ms. Afkhami again.

TODD: OH GOD. Are people talking about that? How do you even know that?

ANDI: UUUUUHHH RIIIGHT how DO I know that...

I realized while drawing this one that I think I'm taking some unconscious cues from the Fire Emblem Three Houses' character Leonie for Andi's hair.